Sandakan Nature Safari

Sandakan Nature Safari

You could not have a more interesting and exciting experience during a vacation in the Borneo Island than a Sandakan nature safari.

There are so many places to visit and things to admire that you really do not know where to go first. The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center should be at the top of your list of Borneo tourist destinations. It is the first and largest of this kind, not only in Malaysia, but in the whole world.

Here, a dedicated team of naturalists and volunteers train orphaned Orangutans to survive in the wilderness. You have the unique possibility of observing the behavior of these wonderful creatures from up close.

If you are curious to see other locations where rare species of animals are protected, you can visit the Gomatong Caves and the Lower Kinanbatangan River Sanctuary. Here, not only a great variety of monkeys and primates can be seen, but also rhinoceroses, which, unfortunately, have become an endangered species today.

On your way to these locations, you can stop for a visit to the town of Kota Kinabatangan and to the well known oil palm plantation nearby. Following the Kampung-Bilit road, you will reach the Kampung Village, where you can enjoy the hospitality of the locals, if you plan a longer Sandakan nature safari.

The Bilit Ox-Bow Lake and the Kinabatangan River are two marvelous places. The view of the river covered by the morning mist is worth the effort of getting up a little bit earlier.

There is an amazing variety of ape species around, such as the rare Leaf monkey or the strange looking Proboscis monkey. Perhaps you may even see one or two specimens of the smallest breed of elephants on the planet, the Borneo pygmy elephant.

During the safari through this fascinating wild world, you can also enjoy the absolutely delicious dishes and drinks of the traditional Malaysian cuisine. Combined with the numerous attractions of the expedition in the middle of the wilderness, they transform a Sandakan nature safari in an unforgettable experience.


  1. Rajinikanth (May 1, 2013)

    Hi ,

    i am from India and intend to travel with my son( 13 years ) to borneo . We like wild life a lot and prefer abosolute wild life . What places do you suggest ? . give me a 10 day itenary .

    Rajinikanth .K

  2. Michael Neidle (April 4, 2013)

    Party of 2 will be in Borneo 3 days late Dec 2013 and desire a short nature and cultural safari. Would like to see Orangutans and pigmy elephants. Getting in and out of KUL to Sandakan (or other airports) is key to our schedule. Will consider tours with and without hotel reservations included. Are tours is guided and part of a group or individual? Would like options to choose from.

  3. zahra (February 22, 2013)

    hi can i have the itenary for 3 days 2 night in sandakan together with the quotation for 2 persons and a 2 year-old kid. this is for 2nd of mac 2013. tq

  4. wk (February 19, 2013)

    Following my previous enquiries.
    Please add on my this enquiry about Sandakan nature safari as well. Is this a one day trip? how much? for 2.

  5. Jason (October 19, 2012)

    Hi Ed Chow,

    Thanks for the comment :-)

    I have sent the quotation to your email. Pease have alook.


  6. Ed Chow (October 2, 2012)

    Please give us a quote for two persons for 3 day tour of Sepilok, Gomantong, Kinabatangan, and so on. This is for February 2013. Please indicate what is included or not. Thank you.

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  • Size: Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea
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