Kota Kinabalu Tours

There are a lot of places to visit and many things to do on a trip to the famous Malaysian Island of Borneo, and some Kota Kinabalu tours can be very helpful in selecting a few of the most important activities.

Mount Kinabalu is one of the places that are worth seeing, as it is the tallest one in the whole South-East Asia. Climbing it is an old tradition started by the British officer Sir Hugh Law more than a century and a half ago.

The amazing biodiversity found here makes the mountain an attraction for naturalists. Many tours depart from Kota Kinabalu and have Mount Kinabalu as a final destination.

In addition to this, the longhouses in Kudat and the famous Tip of Borneo are among other popular tourist attractions, visited by thousands of people every year. It is also the case for the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, the largest of this kind in Borneo.

A cruise on the Garama River is a wonderful opportunity to watch the strange Proboscis monkeys in their natural habitat, as well as other rare species of wildlife. This tour also starts from the capital city of the Sabah County.

Overall, there are many Kota Kinabalu tours, and all you have to do is choose the one that you believe will satisfy your desire to find out new things about this fascinating world.


Mount Kinabalu Climb

A Mount Kinabalu climb is a tremendous opportunity to stay in the best physical shape, no matter what your age is, as long as you are young at heart. Moreover, the splendid view deserves all the effort, because once you reach the top you will feel like “the King of the World”, as they say in a famous movie. Located in the county of Sabah, on the Malaysian island of Borneo, it is the highest mountain in the whole South-Eastern […]


Garama River Cruise

A Garama River cruise is the perfect opportunity for you to get in touch with the natural treasures found in the well-known Sabah county from the Borneo Island. People who think that the river is more than a place for practicing extreme aquatic sports will have an excellent opportunity to admire the habitat. A slow paced trip is a unique chance to see up close the rare species of Proboscis monkeys, with their special, oversized noses and pot-like bellies. This […]


PADI Open Water

Whether you dream of becoming a professional diver, or you only want to practice this sport for fun, a PADI open water course offers you the perfect way to start doing both. The Borneo Island is a famous tourist destination, precisely for the various opportunities offered to those who are fond of water, aquatic sports and exploring the underwater world. The Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is the largest of its kind in this area. Located near Kota Kinabalu, the […]

Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving

If you are fond of water sports, particularly diving, but you are afraid to start practicing them, a discover scuba diving course is a good way to start. The Tunku Abdul Rahman Water Park, near Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of the Sabah County located on the Borneo Island is renowned for its diving centers. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come and visit the islands situated in the area of the aquatic park to take part in […]

Fun Diving

Fun Diving

If you are an ardent admirer of Jacques Yves Cousteau and other renowned sea naturalists, you can enjoy a session of fun diving, observing the marine creatures and learning about their life the way these great scientists did. And there is no better place to do this than the Tunku Abbdul Rahman Marine Park, near the city of Kota Kinabalu, from the Sabah County on the Borneo Island. There are plenty of attractions in this area, perfect for practicing different […]

Kota Kinabalu Snorkeling

Kota Kinabalu Snorkeling

The Island of Borneo is widely known among people who love practicing water sports for the great opportunities it offers, and nothing illustrates this better than a Kota Kinabalu snorkeling trip in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Named after the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, this park is spread on several small islands, located near Kota Kinabalu City, the capital of the Sabah County. It is the perfect occasion for enthusiasts to study different species of sea creatures in […]


Tip of Borneo

If you are the type who prefers to avoid crowds on a trip and you more attracted by beautiful, less explored landscapes, then you must include the Tip of Borneo on your list. Some say that there is nothing to do or to see here, except some rocks and the deserted beach. They may be right, because the place is not a tourist attraction in the general meaning. There are no fun activities or shopping centers for you to buy […]

Mari mari strip

Mari Mari Cultural Village

If you are curious to learn more about how the local tribes of Borneo lived centuries ago, prepare for a unique, direct experience at the Mari-Mari cultural village. The first thing that you notice as soon as you set foot here is that everything is completely different; even the sky is more blue and the grass and trees are greener than usual. The next step is to prepare yourself for a taste of the true Sabahan way of life, being […]


Kota Kinabalu City Tour

You cannot say that you visited the Sabah County on the Island of Borneo without taking a Kota Kinabalu city tour and learning some important things about the history of this fascinating place. It all began in the late 19th century, when the British North Borneo Company founded a small settlement in this region. It was first named Jesselton, after Sir Charles Jessel, one of the vice-chairmen of the company. Despite the numerous pirate attacks and the uprisings of the […]


Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Springs

No tour of the Borneo Island is complete without visiting two of the most popular attractions here – the Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Springs. The former is situated in the county of Sabah, which is widely known for other points of interests for tourists, such as Mount Kinabalu and Padas River, where a lot of people are gathering every year to practice extreme water sports. With an area of more than 750 square kilometers, it is the largest natural […]

Kiulu River Kayaking

Kiulu River Kayaking

Not all those who are fond of water sports compete for a medal at the Olympic Games, but if you go on a Kiulu kayaking trip, you will surely feel this way. Located in the Borneo island’s district of Sabah, this river is a well-known destination for all the people who love practicing extreme water sports. Its I-II difficulty level graded rapids allow both the experienced and the beginners to participate in various tours and competitions organized here. It is […]


Kiulu River White Water Rafting

If you are fond of extreme water sports, a Kiulu River white water rafting session is exactly what you need in order to improve your skills and stay fit during your holiday on the Borneo Island. Situated in the district of Sabah, at a relatively short distance from the Kota Kinabalu city, the Kiulu River is a well known destination for anyone who loves rafting and kayaking. The rapids of this river are rated class II-III difficulty level, therefore, it […]

Liwagu River Rafting

Liwagu River Rafting

If you are tired of the modern civilization, with all those commodities and crowded places, come and have a unique experience in the wilderness of the Borneo Island, facing the challenges of a Liwagu River rafting expedition. Although less known than its bigger “brother”, Padas, the II-III grade rated rapids have made the Liwagu very popular among the extreme water sport fans all over the world. Besides, it is located in the vicinity of the Kinabalu Park, one of the […]


Padas River White Water Rafting

If you are the type who loves living on the edge, to feel your heartbeat like a drum in your head, then Padas white water rafting is exactly the kind of experience that you need. Situated on the Borneo Island, in the Malaysian archipelagos, the Padas River is very popular among those who love white water rafting for its III-IV difficulty level rapids. Scooby Doo Rapid, Cobra Rapid, Break Point Rapid are just a few of these, well known for […]

Borneo Facts

  • Currency: Malaysian Ringgit approx 1USD to 3MYR, Indonesian Rupiah approx 1USD to 10IDR and Brunei dollar approx 1USD to 1.2BND
  • Language: Bahasa and Chinese, although in most parts English is widely spoken
  • Size: Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea
  • Location: The island is divided among three countries: Brunei (1%), Indonesia (73%) and Malaysia (26%).
  • Rainforest: Borneo's rainforest is the oldest in the world at 130 million years.

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