Tours of Borneo

If you feel ready for unique and challenging adventures, the tours of Borneo should be the first on the list of potential destinations for your next holiday. Adrenaline, beautiful landscapes, culture, sunny beaches and wild parks, extreme sports and various entertainment opportunities – it is all here, waiting to make the vacation of your life

Borneo is the world’s third largest island and its land is divided among Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia, making it the perfect sample of Asian culture and civilization. While 73% is Indonesian territory and 26% is Malaysian, only 1% belongs to Brunei.


Once a thriving trading centre between India and China, Borneo was under British, Dutch and Japanese control. A land of confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia in the 1960’s, the island has a rich and eventful history that can be felt everywhere around, in the architecture, in the way of life, in the cultural influences and in people’s behavior and thinking.

With the oldest rainforest in the world (130 million years), Borneo shelters a plethora of plants, animals and a diverse landscape, being the perfect spot for all nature lovers out there. The island’s attractions can be divided into three main groups: mount climbing, water experiences and wildlife observation.

Experience the Heights and Depths

The highest point on the island is Mount Kinabalu, in the Malaysian part of Borneo (Sabah), rising at 4,095 m above the sea level and offering breathtaking day and night landscapes, being also very easy to climb.

When it comes to water, the tours of Borneo have no limit. Nothing beats rafting on the Liwagu River, the Garama River cruises, Kiulu kayaking, Kota Kinabalu snorkelling, fun diving or scuba diving in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and around the many islands such as Mabul, Sipadan, Kapalai Mataking, Pom Pom or Lankayan Island.

Even if you are still a novice when it comes to water control, there are courses, such as the Padi Open Water Course, that can teach you a few things about dealing with the deep ocean and the rapid waters of the rivers. So dare for more, master the waters and see what the power of Poseidon feels like!

Witnessing Nature’s Celebration of Life

RafflesiaIf Poseidon is not exactly your type of divinity, then maybe adventure appeals to you and you are eager to witness nature’s rare beauties and creatures.

Besides the somehow common jungle trekking in the Danum Valley and the Maliau Basin, one of the deepest virgin parts of Borneo, there are also many challenging and interesting activities that you can only try here.

One of them is searching for the largest flower on Earth, called Rafflesia, which can be found in Kokob. Watching the turtles lay eggs on the Turtle Island or observing the monkeys at the Sepilok Centre are the favorite activities for families with children. And let’s not forget about Pulau Tiga, the shooting location for several series of “Survivor”, where you can try soaking in the famous mud volcano and also witness some of the most spectacular sunsets.

Whether you want to experience water and its powers, heights and their magnificent views or nature and its wonders, choose the tours of Borneo for a taste of wilderness, energy and freedom!

Borneo Facts

  • Currency: Malaysian Ringgit approx 1USD to 3MYR, Indonesian Rupiah approx 1USD to 10IDR and Brunei dollar approx 1USD to 1.2BND
  • Language: Bahasa and Chinese, although in most parts English is widely spoken
  • Size: Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea
  • Location: The island is divided among three countries: Brunei (1%), Indonesia (73%) and Malaysia (26%).
  • Rainforest: Borneo's rainforest is the oldest in the world at 130 million years.

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